Saturday, July 10, 2004

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I'm sitting at my mom's computer, looking out over Puget Sound at the Easternmost point on Orcas Island. I actually miss being up here on Lummi Island, just off of Bellingham, Washington. But it has been overcast since Brighton and I arrived. He and I flew up from Oakland, so I could drop him off to hang with his grandparents for nearly a month. I return home tomorrow eve. I'm hoping to catch a nice king salmon to bring home and bbq. We didn't have any luck yesterday but Brighton did get to reel in a dogfish (a 3" shark) and 6 rock cod, one of which, he ate for dinner last night while the rest of us had steak. He's a pescal vegetarian, tho he's now really into turkey and hot dogs. Oh to be 5.

Tonight, a big family gathering with all my aunts and uncles (mom's side) who'll all ask me, I'm sure, "so, now what do you really do? Because poetry isn't a real job, right?..." Basically, I'll be judged. But then I'll insert some strategically placed "big words" into mundane comments on the state of things and they'll look at me as if I'm from another planet. I live in the Bay Area, so, I guess, I am.

I'll be back in Oakland and in action on Monday. "Peathe Out, Napoleon."

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