Friday, July 2, 2004

Friday, July 02, 2004

And now I'm drinking a diet coke, listening to some great dub reggae on KALX and editing Belly Dancing For Fitness! I think I'll learn how by the time I'm done.

I just got a new mouse for my computer at work! It's a fancy optical mouse (fancy compared to the one I just buried in a shoebox out front). I shall name him Eyesenhower. No, not after the president but after the poor kid I made fun of in third grade. He had very powerful glasses, which magnified his eyes to twice normal size. Thus, me, having been picked on by bigger kids for being a sissy (I liked The Smiths), picked on a smaller kid with great big eyes. Really, I just called him "Eyesenhower." He cried. I felt really terrible and then got a pink slip, which I flushed down the toilet instead of taking to the principal's office. So. Cheers to my new mouse "Eyesenhower" and to the kid I made fun of: May Lasik Surgery repair your glorious eyes!

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