Monday, May 31, 2004

Monday, May 31, 2004

Avoiding a near collision at second, I fell awkwardly, thus my foot feels broken neatly across the top. Trying to throw out Bill Luoma at home from deep left, my right arm (having been dislocated and never properly healed) nearly comes out of the shoulder socket. Having spent most of the time hovering between shortstop and third, I rob Bill "Homer" (pronounced "Homah") Luoma of a line drive through the gap (though, by virtue of the aforementioned hovering between, the gap was filled), stopping the ball with my bare right hand positioned above my mitt and thus bruising the ball of my hand. Then after all was said and done, during our post-game yoga sessions, led by Diane, I tweaked my bad knee in some strange pose I didn't catch the name of. So it was a great season opener! Poets League Softball.

Awards are as follows:

The "We want a pitcher not a belly itcher" to Brandon "BIG LEFT" Brown.

The "Oatmeal Award for Good Effort" to Roger "Super" Snell for his outstanding fielding in Left.

The "Hey! Stephanie Don't Run!" to Stephanie "Pinch 'em" Young for her confusion while pinch running.

The "Jesus Christ Our Outfielders are Overworked and Tired" to Bill "Homer" Luoma for constantly making them hustle.

The "Wow Your Elbow Looks Like Hamburger Toughguy" to Taylor "Elbow" (aka. Bushman, Nipples & Baby Hustle) Brady for well, this one's self explanatory.

The "Keepin' it Cool Under Pressure" to David "Hard" Hadbawnik

The "Gee Thanks For Showing Up" to Alls Yous "Lazy Bums" Who Didn't.

The "I Can't Give Myself an Award Although I Rightfully Deserve One" to Me, James "Miracle" Meetze.

*There were others who deserve awards but because I don't know their last names, I can't then give them nicknames, thus making the whole award thing much less amusing. Next time, I promise.

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