Wednesday, January 14, 2004

On the well-nourished moon you can also find this:

I'm reading this instead of typesetting "The Alchemist's Path," which I think is a load of New-age Hooey. Actually, a large percentage of what I typeset at work is a bunch of new-age hooey.

Thanks for loaning me the book. I'll iron out the crease you put in the corner of the page on which the poem you wanted me most to read is found. I am a purist when it comes to books. Yep that's right. If I catch anyone writing in, folding pages of, or otherwise defacing their tomes, I will let it be known that I find such acts apalling.

I also Just read Kasey's Lecture on Peter Gizzi. It's pretty well informed and best, mentions me (well at least it indirectly mentions me, though I'm sure that Kasey meant to include a number of P.G.'s other students as well).

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