Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I really like everyone's "books received" lists so I thought I'd compose my own, since I've received so many books lately.

Haunt by Keith Waldrop (instress)

Semiramis if I Remember by Keith Waldrop (I already had this one, inscribed to Tom Clark but now I have one inscribed to me) (Avec)

Blindsight by Rosmarie Waldrop (New Directions)

Elio Pagliarani in America (Agincourt)

In a Glass Box by Brenda Iijima (Pressed Wafer)

Some Values of Landscape and Weather by Peter Gizzi (Wesleyan)

Cloud-type by Kathleen Miller (limited edition letterpressed chapbook)

Pie in the Sky by Juliana Leslie (Braincase)

Falling Forward by Sara Veglahn (Braincase)

A Poem A Movie & A Poem by Nick Moudry (Braincase)

For Poems by Aaron Tieger & Christopher Rizzo (Anchorite)

At Port Royal by Christopher Edgar (AIP) I bought this one.

Magazine Cypress 2

Combo 12

NO 2

and the entire catalog of limited edition/signed Oblek Editions books

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